Wednesday, February 18, 2015

::Ash Wednesday, Lent, and the Easter Season::

Last year at Easter was when I just gave in.  I think I cried on Easter.  It wasn't because I was having sadness over Christ and his death on the cross.  It was because I was having a huge soul leak.  I didn't like church.  I wasn't even sure if I liked Christians.  I felt broken for the church.  I didn't want to go back ever again.  
But, I did.  I went to a church that represented what I thought I would never set foot in again.  A church where only a decade prior I might have possibly dared to say, I didn't believe Christians attended.  I might have said horrible things like they aren't real Christians.  They believe antiquated things.  They do antiquated things.  
I now attend a more traditional church.  They have accepted us. They are kind and full of grace.  They do old things.  They sing old hymns.  They have an ordained and married couple who lead the church.  A male and a female Pastor.  They have both, female and male, deacons and elders.  There is a lot of grace, equality, and beauty.  There is the Holy Spirit.  

I don't think I will fast this lent or clean out my kitchen.  I don't plan on giving up things although I think I might watch my mouth more.  I was thinking I might give up alcohol.  

I have definitely given up worrying about whether someone is a "real" Christian.  I have definitely given up trying to define Christianity.  I have definitely given up holding my family up to some perfect image of a family.  This is us.  We play our part in the body of Christ.  It's important.  God loves us.  I pray that you can loves us and all our broken brethren.  
Please don't try to save those who are already saved.  They may not look like you or act like you.   But, let them be saved and do their part.  Live a life that leads others toward the Mercy and the Grace.  

::Something to chew on::
Free Printable for making a tree for this season.

Friday, February 28, 2014

::A Day in the Life::

I saw this last night and printed it out this morning.  Sums me up pretty well.

Morning Knitting.  Alaina's Simple Seed Stitch Dishcloth.  I have been knitting a few months now.  I finally tried magic loop and made a boob beanie.  But, I do wish I had started with some simple dishclothes.  They are useful.  You can actually make something in  very little time.  The cotton dish yarn is inexpensive.  Oh yeah, and they are cute.  Cute is always good.

My SIL sent a box of art supplies from her studio.  I snatched this from the box.  I don't do well with most daily planners.  I keep reminders on my phone. I have a calendar on the fridge near the sink.  But, I do like keeping track of what I need to do for a day.  I usually make notes in there or write down good things or sometimes crud.  Somedays when I feel defeated, I write down all the things I accomplished.  It is good to see that you actually did a lot!

Morning tea.  My old kettle stopped working properly.  It wouldn't shut off.  Then I would remember and burn my hand on the hot handle.  I figured it might be a fire hazard at that point.  This one was cute though.

Library visit.  Where I ran into someone I knew. Which usually happens at the library.  Got invited to eat Tacos :)  My 3 year old emptied the St. Patty's section.

  • The Complete Gnomes
  • Dinosaurs Before Dark (needed to check that out again)
  • Shamrocks, Harps, and Shillelaghs
  • Green
  • Cooking the Irish Way
  • A Fine St. Patrick's Day
  • Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders
  • Sweater Quest:My Year of Knitting Dangerously
  • Sock Yarn Studio
  • Images of Ireland
Then we went to the market where it snowed quite a bit while we were inside and the temp dropped to 5F. Which still freaks me out a bit.  I shouldn't get so worked up.  I always think our van will freeze and it won't start.  

The very messy living room that probably won't get cleaned up tonight.  I like to think of it as my own personal theft system.  

I stole this from my husband's studio.  He collects the strangest little treasures.  I grew up Catholic and did not like images from the Catholic or Orthodox churches for a long time.  But, over the last year, I find them calming.  It is such a different reaction.  Age I guess.  Wisdom.  

This is so yummy.  But, I bought it because I thought the jars would make nice storage and sturdy drinking glasses.  

I bought some more markers since most of ours are shot.  This kid asks me if they are washable. Yes, they are.  I only buy the washable kind now.