Saturday, February 25, 2006

Strong's Inventory

I finally did the Strong's Inventory.

My dh was right.....

I should be a librarian.

So, add that to my list of educational plans. I'm still majoring in English, but when I get to my Master's I think I will apply to both the English department and the iSchool. The career counselor is great. The first thing she asked was if I like research. Ha Ha Ha! I don't do anything without reading a stack of books first. She had already gone over Evan's stuff with him before, so we went in together, so that she could check out his schedule. She had to make sure we wanted to go in together. Ugh..we are best friends. I can't believe a married couple wouldn't want to share their educational plans.

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  1. I think being a librarian would be pretty cool :) If I could change my major now, I would, but it'd cost me too many years of lost credits :P


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