Monday, March 27, 2006

..It's off to school I go...

Today is a new start to a new quarter.

I cannot believe that I made it through one whole quarter. How did that go by so fast? How did we survive?

I will be enjoying Archaeology, Intro. to Literature (I have to get at least one English class in every quarter), and Photography.

My nephew's girlfriend will be in my first class. It's so strange. As if I don't feel old enough. Last quarter my dh enjoyed being the Uncle. (They are in High School btw.)


  1. what's your major? Mine is Business Administration but I full intend to use it to be a WAH photographer.... have fun with that photography class! I just took Black and White film photography and it was awesome!

  2. I'm an English major, but one of the Universities I've looked into (I'm in community college right now) has an Art Minor and I would really, really like that.

  3. Nice! I am in community college too.... its cheaper and more accomodating schedule wise. :)


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