Thursday, March 22, 2007

I've got classes

Yesterday I took my first public bus.
I got a little lost.
But, I did it.

I got my classes.
I start on Monday.

Things we have to do.

1. Sell our house for more money than we bought it for. We have a realtor already.
2. Sell our furniture and all big stuff and the Mommy Van.
3. Donate what we can't sell.

We are only going to move easy stuff. The biggest things will probably be mattresses, bikes (we actually get to use them!!!!!) and the iguana cage.


  1. As you downsize. . . remember that it is okay to hold on to some "things" that carry memories--both for you and the kiddos. . .

    When we went overseas we got rid of just about everything. All kitchen stuff, all bookshelves, furniture, gave our bed to a neighbor. . . We held on to some sentimental things--primarily artwork, photos, some books (got rid of thousands, though) and two special pieces of furniture--a rocking chair and the desk Dad bought me when I was 17. It felt good when we returned to have some things and the memories attached to them. . .

    But oh, how freeing to downsize! To get rid of STUFF. To be free from it all!

  2. How wonderful...I'm keeping two rocking chairs. An adult size one that belonged to my Great-Grandmother and a kid size one that my mom and all her siblings used.

    I have this great little table that was my grandparents first dining table. It's tiny and the leaves fold out. It's the perfect desk. I'll be keeping that.

    I'm thinking of making up a box of keepsakes, too. With my wedding stuff (my dress isn't big and fluffy), plus some of the boys baby clothes that are special. I have a teddy bear that I stuff in a drawer that is really special to me. I was thinking stuff like that could go in there.


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