Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer with a Bike for Groceries

I have lived in places previously...in places with my bike. A sweet little GT boys bike with a little basket on the back. I've dragged it from home to home. But, this is the first home where my little GT feels loved. Because a bike was meant to be ridden.

It's wonderful to ride my bike with my oldest son. I enjoyed his little years. But, this is new. He is becoming a little man. He is becoming more friend than son. And, it's strange, but fun.

When you haven't ridden a bike in years you have to limit the amount of groceries that you can place in those little baskets. Good for the budget and really good for the bum!

We spent $20 and have dinner tonight with leftovers for lunch tomorrow, coffee & sugar, cat food, and sandalwood soap.

What drives me crazy is my will power. I do not save money when I shop at Costco. I actually hate having extra food around the house. I wish I could replace our fridge with a mini-fridge. It's insane with 5 people in our house. It feels so wrong yet so right. We don't need all that food. I love being challenged to figure out what to make out of leftovers and frozen bits of veggies. I don't like trying to have willpower against that giant box of low fat ice cream bars my children talk me into.

When I sat down to post to my blog the first thing I remembered was Rebecca's Eating Organic on a Budget. It seems impossible to live that with a family. But, it is plausible. It is nice to occasionally get a trip to Costco (I do sometimes send the husband on his way home from work), but it isn't necessary. You can teach your children to enjoy simple food. You don't have to stock up or rely on hamburger to be thrifty.

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