Friday, July 25, 2008

Still riding my bike...

I'm still riding my bike. But, last night I wanted to go to the store & so did my 5 year old son. But, I can't ride the bike with him. That's fine because the dog needed a walk. He is a Border Collie...thus he always needs a walk. So, does my 5 year old come to think of it. 9 at night and he was running around the store attracting positive attention as usual. A man was looking at the bin of prebagged and netted pistachios. Escher ran up and put his hand on each bag.

So no bike ride last night for me. I used to prefer to walk even if it's was a long distance. But, I'm starting to find the riding easier. I still haven't ventured out of the safety of my neighborhood yet. But, what started this? Oh yes. My 5 year old cannot ride anywhere with me & he doesn't fit in a *seat (see explanation below) & I hate bike trailers. So, I went lusting after and Xtracycle again and found a local couple who I think I'll lust after, too. Is that ok? I mean I'm just lusting after their biking, not them as individuals. I promise not to hunt them down or anything either.

I once, and only once, had a child's seat on the back of my bike. I'm not sure if I'm too short or what. But, every time I came to a stop my giant child & bike came crashing down to the side. Try as I might to keep the bike upright it's just horrifying to me. Well, perhaps it's not horrifying, just horribly embarrassing and a blow to my tough I know I'm short but I can do what I want spirit.

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