Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Waste, Websites, Soymilk boxes

I've had enough energy to sit at the computer lately. I miss my little iBook and staying in bed when I don't feel well. (I know how many times does she have to tell us this?), so I thought I would share some new places I've found instead of just writing run on sentences and adding them to my reader....

My Zero Waste
is a well put together site. They say it's just a blog, but wow blow my socks right off. I enjoy putting out little waste from our house. We haven't been as good since I'm doing none of the shopping. But, my mom did point out that we hardly ever use that second trash can that she pays for each month. I told her we put out very little garbage. We live with my parents and grandmother, but it's my parents house and it's actually divided into a duplex. We do have an inside entrance so the boys can bug my parents just enough to not forget they have grandchildren living downstairs.

Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op
is a next mish mash of writers who write on a variety of topics. It's nice to read through because it melds well, yet it's a change of pace to hear from different writers.

We don't drink dairy milk. We usually buy the big box of aseptic boxed soymilk at Costco. They don't recycle those here. They did in our last city. But, not here. It's probably the thing that fills up our trash can now. So, I'm thinking of just purchasing a soymilk maker, probably the Soyajoy when we have more money in the summer. I've read you can make other milks, too. I would love to make Almond milk and I'm curious if I could make hemp. I haven't read anything reliable on that yet. I love the hemp milk. But, the cheapest I've found it is $31 US dollars per case from Azure. I can't justify that.

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