Thursday, December 31, 2009

Meal Planning in 2010

Monday-Soup and Sandwiches 
Tuesday-Burritos or Mexican Food 
Wednesday-Leftovers or Church Meal 
Thursday-Tofu/Chicken, rice, frozen veg or salad 
Saturday-Finger Foods and leftovers 
Sunday-Crockpot or Breakfast

Along with some changes in our budget, I am making a plan for meals. I don't want to have to be a slave to it. But, I've found it helps to make outlines for myself. I'm going to keep myself out of stores. I've already set us up for our first Terra Organics order. I'm working on finding a local drop point for Azure Standard. Then I can shop at Costco once a month and Trader Joes every other month. That should keep our budget low while still building up a stockpile. I don't want to go through another hard time without a pantry. That was really hard this last time. I can go without a lot of things. But, not being able to feed my family well is so difficult.

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