Thursday, January 28, 2010

Better-Off and A Little Garden Flower....

I have to be careful.  I will take on a stack of books and not finish one single book.  I don't often purchase books though.  I think it's because, in the past I would devour them in two days and feel like I wasted money.  But, with more children and more to do, books often linger on the bedside table, in a kitchen nook, wander past the toilet, in a full laundry get the picture.  I renew them three times and pay my 30 cents in late fees.  I renew it three times a year. a book every once in awhile.  Savour it, enjoy it.

Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology (P.S.)

I'm really enjoying this book.  I'm so happy to have purchased it, too. I decided it's required reading for High School.  I actually thought it might be dry.  But, Amanda said she devoured it.  I appreciate his style.  I find myself literally laughing.  I don't mind reading it to my children (and yes sex is mentioned once).

My other purchase was A Little Garden Flower Grade 1.  I bought the E-book because I figured I could print just what I want and not get overwhelmed.  I've been wanting to go towards Waldorf for many years.  I'm a bit sad that I never just did it.  I had excuses for years.  But, maybe I wasn't ready.  Maybe I needed to work on myself first.  I needed to let go of stuff and attachments to things.  I needed to purge.

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