Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Grocery Recap & May Meal Planning

So, we did skate through April just fine.  You can read about some of our meals from this previous post mid-month.  I'm trying to not have too much variety.  Mostly because it's easier to eat around leftovers.  If we have some cilantro left, what can I use it for next.  I really do think I did better by having less around the house.  It's just difficult.  I like having lots of food around for the boys sake.  It was good for my waistline though.  I got back on my weight loss track.  I'm not hugely overweight, but watching all the diabetes happening in my family is making me realize I, personally, need to get my health (and body) back in better shape.  Less sweets and enjoy some fruit.  Having less food around caused me to not grab something like bread or a sweet thing because I knew it was needed for the next meal or for the kids to take for lunches when we leave the house.

Today we are eating up bits and pieces.  Eggs tacos with some salsa verde. I love those little cans of sauce (I know it's sick, but if you look to the left you can see that amazon has it) you buy in the mexican section.  You can usually get them for a little over a buck.  Not bad if you consider what they can add to a few eggs and some corn tortillas. I bought a couple when they were on sale.  They aren't bad at all.  They are easy to grab and add to a simple meal.  You can mix the green one with some avocado for a really great avocado salsa.  There is a bean soup on the stove.  And, I will probably makes some chickpea salad sandwiches to go with that.  Tomorrow we are off to a family function and we only need to bring chips. 

Monday I'm going to hit Costco for burritos makins.  We will probably subsist on those for 4 or 5 days.  Everyone really wants I'm going to stretch that meal out as long as I can.  I figure it's a good start to May.

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