Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July Menu

I thought I would share my menu plans for this week.  I ran out of greens this morning.  So, I need to make a shopping trip.  I figured I might as well make a menu.  I have been terrible about menu making lately which leaves a bunch of cranky kids and a tired mama around 4pm. I tend to leave our weekends open.  It is a good chance to try something new or just eat up all the leftovers in the fridge and freezer.  During the winter I often toss leftovers in the crockpot on Sunday and pray for soup!

I have been faithfully drinking green smoothies daily and I feel wonderful.  Plus, I am actually meeting my nutrient goals.  They are usually two kinds of fruit, Kale and water.  I sometimes throw a couple of dates in there.  Not exciting. But, it tastes good and keeps me full.  The dates have way more calories than I thought, so I have been laying off those. 

And, don't forget to sign up for The 30 Day Vegan Challenge. I don't get anything for letting you know about it.  Well, I get the satisfaction :) Early Birds pay only $20 dollars for a whole month of support from a really great speaker.

7/23 Monday (recalling this one from my perfect memory)
B: hashbrown patties, cold cereal
L: Green Smoothies and nut butter sandwiches
D: Black Bean Burgers, homemade fries, tarter sauce
Snacks were fruit, half a sandwich, or leftovers from Sunday's Dinner

7/24 Tuesday (Happening as I type.)
B: Cold cereal, Veggie Sausage patties, toast and someone may have had leftover banana cake.
L: nut butter sandwiches, leftovers from the last two nights which include baked squash, pasta, Trader Joes veggie meatballs and homemade fries
D: Curry red lentils, rice, potato samosas

7/25 Wednesday
B:Oatmeal, green smoothies
L: Salads with Goddess Dressing
D: Canned or frozen soup and Grilled Cheese with Follow Your Heart Cheese
7/26 Thursday
B: Pancakes, green smoothies
L: nut butter sandwiches or left overs
D: Tacos and Rice
7/27 Friday
B: Leftover pancakes or toast, green smoothies
L: nut butter sandwiches or leftover tacos
D: Homemade Pizza, Bunny Love Carrot Chips, Soda

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