Monday, July 30, 2012

July Week 4 Menu

Another Monday, Another Menu.  I seem to never make everything I plan.  Either someone changes their mind, the weather is too hot, or my normal is to make too much food and have a fridge of leftovers.  I wish I could freeze more leftovers.  But, everything I freeze seems to end up a strange texture.  I did just repeat breakfast and lunch this week.  I need some things to be automatic. 

Breakfasts this week are cold cereal or oatmeal or hashbrowns, tea

Lunches are green smoothies, nut butter sandwiches or leftovers
Monday 7/30 It looks like tonight won't be too hot.  Canned or frozen soups with Bread and Earth Balance.
Tuesday 7/31 Falafel, flatbread, hummus, garlic sauce and whatever veggies I can scrounge
Wednesday 8/1 Pasta and veggie meatballs
*I need to work on cupcakes for tomorrow, as well.  I am officially Vegan for the month of August.  Which makes all store bought cakes and treats out.  I have Vegan Cupcakes take over the world.  I think I am going with the cookies and cream, tiramisu, and maybe some white cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles. 
Thursday 8/2 This is my birthday.  So, we are going out for Thai Food.  I know it is probably boring but I am getting the orange tofu.  It is not that sticky overly sweet orange sauce.  It is a light and thin orange sauce with fresh orange slice and deep fried tofu.  What is not too love!
Friday 8/3 I imagine leftover cupcakes for breakfast are probably in order today.  Dinner should be homemade pizza with whatever veggies I find around the house.  I am really craving a barbecue pizza.  So, I might do that with gardein.  The sauce is half barbecue and half marinara.  The toppings are gardein, jalepeno, red onion, and your choice of cheese. I use Follow Your Heart or Daiya

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