Monday, January 21, 2013

January 2013

Book a Week 2013 Here it seems to be my monthly post!  This month I bought a coffee maker.  Which seems silly to some of you.  But, I have been a mostly tea drinker and occasional French Press coffee drinker for the past few years.  I think the French Press was just too strong for my tummy anymore.  But, homeschooling and mothering five children has taken it's toll.  I bought a nice big bag of Organic Coffee, French vanilla Silk creamer, and a coffee maker with a timer.  Now it is waiting for me each morning.

I joined the Book a Week challenge at The Well Trained Mind Forums in hopes that I can get back into reading for myself.  I have been having a difficult time reading in general.  Just fitting it in to my life and then my eye sight bothering me.  I had some reading glasses which my youngest child broke a month or so back.  I was at Costco and found out that my eyesight had weakened a bit, so I picked up a pack of three glasses at a stronger level and they have indeed helped a ton.  And,  three pack means if I forget them and a certain child snatches them up, there is a spare.

I finally cracked my books open.  And, getting up before children with a cup of coffee in hand certainly has helped accomplish that.  I haven't read for personal pleasure in the last two years.  Maybe an occasional article or online junk.  But, a book in not at all.  I mean to.  But, I end up putting it off or I am too tired.  And, that was a season in life.  One of those times wherever indeed, having a family especially a larger than average size family, does mean you have to set aside what you want sometimes.  Don't throw a big fit.  Just put on your big girl panties, you signed up for this ride.  Some times the ride is going around a swift turn and down a really steep drop.  It is ok.  Life does go on and you will find the time to fit the fun stuff in again.

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  1. Very timely. I have been trying so much harder to read again, as well. And I mean reading things that aren't mama related. It is so hard because I am so tired, but I'm trying.

    I love your blog so much.


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