Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What is a good day?

My husband and I are trying to get on track. We flounder around. We know we need a better routine for our boys. They are so much happier when they know what is expected and I am so much happier when I get a chance for a break during the day.

We took away video games during the week. So, very helpful. They were getting into the habit of only doing work so they could play video games. They get more and more manipulative. I just can't stand that. I want to enjoy our time together and not just rush through it so we can retreat to separate corners of the house.

When should we do chores?

School doesn't really take much time once they get started. I really want to get some more of our chores done in the morning and I'm thinking perhaps I should get them done before I start schooling.

My boys do not do school when left alone. I think they should be able to handle it at this point. It's frustrating and I run out of patience and time every night. I end up fixing too many lunches and getting sidetracked with vacuuming or dog brushing or window washing or toilet scrubbing. I go to help someone wash their hands and realize their toilet is filthy and their laundry basket is full.

Boundaries and Expectations

I think if we can keep being firm with our boundaries and expectations of the boys our life will run a little smoother. I hope then I'll be able to leave them alone and they will actually complete what I give them to do.

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