Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And where have you been..

I've been vomiting.

See ticker in right hand corner.

We are all very excited. My wonderful husband is in charge of everything. I'm in charge of sleeping and vomiting and the occasional bath. If my laptop hadn't died I would probably be on here quite a bit. But, alas a computer by the kitchen isn't cutting it for my body right now.

I did get sea bands and that's helping. But, I'm hoping my midwife will give me some medication. I've never been so sick before.


  1. Congrats! How have I missed this elsewhere? Hoping you can find something to ease your sickness, soon!

  2. Have you tried fresh grated ginger mixed into a spoonful of organic, natural (not liquid) honey? Or peppermint oil, tea or leaves?

    With my 4th full-term pg, I felt sick a lot at the end and I slept with a cotton bag filled with fragrant organic peppermint tea on my pillow. Then I kept it with me to breathe in every time the wave of nausea came.

    Ginger is at least equally as powerful an anti-emetic as any pharmaceutical, according to studies. Also cheaper, and nutritious!

    I've had 7 pg's and that one was the only one with nausea, and it was intense! I ended up birthing ds4 after two days of severe nausea and having stopped the vomiting with ginger. He was 42+3.

    Blessings to you!

  3. Congrats! I think I "knew" but then forgot. (It's hard to remember sometimes, when not seeing friends in person with their baby belly growing!)

    Rejoicing with you. . . and praying you have less nausea and more energy soon.


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