Monday, March 9, 2009

Ultrasound is coming..

So, tomorrow is the ultrasound. All my boys are coming, so I hope all is well in there. I just started worrying about what if there was bad news and my boys had to be there for it. Ugh.

Also, got my directions for the next appointment and my Gestational Diabetes test. My last pregnancy I had it and I had to fast for the 1 hour. I'm curious how it will go this time. I haven't been feeling so hot unless I keep my protein up. This means I've been eating cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, fish, and chicken. I've had red meat twice, but boy is it difficult. I'm terrified of mad cow disease. I'm normally a vegetarian, so it's a bit much some times. I definitely feel the dairy stuffiness that I grew up with. But, feeling better is worth it, even if I'm stuffy. I'm jealous of all those Vegan and Vegetarian moms.

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