Friday, December 25, 2009

Gearing up for a new Year...

Christmas is over.  I think we will keep up the tree.  I had to download all my photos onto Flickr.  It was full and we couldn't wake up the kids till the camera was empty.  I gifted myself a new subscription to Flickr.  I love Flickr.  I've been trying to use shutterfly instead.  I do like their family pages, as well.  Plus, Shutterfly is free!  Can't beat free.  Since, we our computer crash, I just hate risking the loss of photos.  Plus, I really like to share with family members who may not need a pile of photos to clutter up their homes.

I got Wii Fit Plus from  my Mom for Christmas.  The kids have been playing with it.  It looks like it's going to get a lot of use.  I thought it would be fun for me this Winter.

I just signed up for Terra Organics.  I'm super excited.  I've wanted to try this before, but never had the opportunity.  I wanted to add that they are accepting EBT cards now.  I've always felt like the poor really need help accessing healthy foods.  I've read online about people who say the poor buy junk food with their food stamps.  But, I've always strived to buy healthy, organic foods when possible.  Yes, there are times when my pregnant little self bought some cookies and ice cream.  But, for the most part we have strived to eat healthy on our food stamps, when we have had them.  If other people are going to help pay for my food I think I owe it to everyone to make good healthy choices.

I hope to blog more often, too.  I'm trying to get more of a routine going for us again.  I think we get more down that way.  Plus, we are hoping to get out and do more things.  I don't want to spend all our time doing "school".  I would love to see us have more time for friends and outdoor time.

Our youngest is getting her very first teeth.  Both of the bottom front teeth are coming in at the same time.  We got some all natural teething help this time around.  I'll have to make a post on that.

Goodnight Christmas
Goodnight Cookies
Goodnight Happy Little Children
Thank You Lord for This Day
Thank You for Your Grace and Mercy
Thank You for My Little Children
I Give You my New Year
I Ask for Your Guidance
I Hope for Love

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