Saturday, February 6, 2010

5 Years

I was editing a post this morning.  I decided to look back on my posts.  I realize I have been blogging for over 5 years now.  I started with Xanga, move to blogger, moved to wordpress, and then moved back over here.

That is such a long time.  My kids are 5 years older.  I only had three back then and one was just a baby.  Where did all that time go.  What were my goals and dreams back then?  We have moved three times since then.  The adults have gone back to school.  We have added another child to our family.

I've changed a lot during that time.  I've relaxed.  I've grown.  I've tried new foods.  So, have the kids.

We took a short break in there to try public school again.  The oldest went to half of Grade 4.  The second went to a fabulous K program and half of a not-so fabulous Grade 1 program.  The third child has not attended any schooling, although he has been in speech therapy for two years.  And, then there is the youngest.  Who I pray will never attend school.

In 5 years, it will be 2015.  Our oldest will be graduating and be just turning 18, the next will have just turned 15, then 11, and a Kindergartner.  Now that my friends will be a crazy year.  I bet I cry a lot that year.  I bet I will have changed a lot by then.

But, goals, thoughts, guesses on my future.  It seems so very wrong to do.  How can I do that to my family?  How about hopes....

I hope...
               we are still homeschooling
                         we live on Vashon or in Ojai
                                  my husband has a profession he loves
                                           I've finally found a hobby I love or written a book
                                              we are happy and strong
                                 our oldest is going out into the world with God in his heart
                        I've gotten my hands in some good organic earth
                 I can decorate a cake without it falling apart
            I've experienced dreads
       I've sailed on a boat with my husband
 I'm no longer afraid of the water

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