Thursday, February 11, 2010


I usually blow off Valentines Day.  I'm not much of a romantic.  I don't like red roses or diamonds.  In fact, I would be insulted if I got a diamond much less had a husband who couldn't think up anything better to do than go out and buy some slave labor mass produced guilt by commercial....I'm ranting.  (My mother got married on Valentines Day.  Loves red rubies, hearts, roses, giant cards...go figure.)

But, I'm trying to stop being so cynical.  

Syrendell has some crafts for Valentines Day and Chinese New Year.
A sweet little heart felting project from 5 Orange Potatoes.
A post on loving your partner from Parenting Passageways.
Gnome's Home Radio show talks about Cultivating Love.
Valentines stained glass from a Little Nature Nest.

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