Friday, April 9, 2010

A Million Miles in A Thousand Years

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life I really enjoy Donald Miller books.  I enjoy them because you can read just one chapter and savor it for a week.  That is how I like a book.  I like to read a bit at a time and let it sit on my mind and flow through my body.  I like to apply it to my weekly routine.  See how it filters through our life.  See if it makes a difference.  See if calms me.

In chapter 9, he talks about Jason and how he saved his family by recreating their story.  This is my advice (for myself even) when thinks seem hard.  There are days when the kids won't cooperate.  There are days when I tell my oldest I'm going to send him to public school and see how he can handle it.  It comes out as some awful threat.  It comes out like I hate all public schools and that he will be shamed into a little robot or cast onto the playground.  I'm venting.  It isn't attractive.  So, I re-do.  I let go.  I apologize.  (I mean what happens if they do have to go to school one day?)

But, I don't know if after the apology I really look to make our life better.  I tend to clean up the kitchen or serve them a good pie or something.  Sometimes I try to make up some sort of amazing schedule that gets us all out of bed at 6am and I suddenly feel the urge to study Latin with them.  But, I don't think I really take the time to seek out something exciting.  I don't think I really take the time to figure out a mission for us to accomplish.  A better way to serve God together.

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