Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meals and Money or Money and Meals

I'm not doing so bad when I enter our income into the Global Rich List.  That's a fun little tidbit worth checking out if you are feeling a little down and out about your yearly income or your mediocre food bill.  

Some of those cheap meals we have been eating (and in no particular order):

  • Spaghetti with two types of sauce & garlic toast.  A family member gifted us with some pantry staples from their overflowing pantry.  Spaghetti was one of those.  My kids are eating a ton of bread lately.  I made garlic toast out of all the leftover pieces of bread my children refuse to eat.  They always leave a few pieces in the bag.  I just spread with butter or Earth Balance and some garlic and Italian seasoning. 
  • Chickpea salad spread melts.  We were out of pickles and relish (egads what will we do), so we used jalapeno olives instead.  It was delish.  This was spread heavily on pieces of bread, topped with thin slices of fresh tomato, sprinkled with cheese for those who eat it, and sprinkled with Italian Seasoning (from one of those nifty McCormick Grinder thingies).
  • Teriyaki Tofu, Brown Rice, and salad with Goddess Dressing.  Trader Joes has a private label dressing that is so delicious.  I used to hate this stuff,  but it's the only salad dressing I like now.  I ate the leftovers at the gym the next day.  Just piled it up and put more dressing on the top.  
  • Lasagna is on the menu currently.  A giant pan came from a family member.  Unfortunately for me, it contains lots of meat and cheese.  Both of which I vowed to give up after Mother's Day.  (I feel better by the way!) I'll probably grab some salad to go with it tomorrow.
  • White Chili is on the menu for those not eating lasagna.  I made two pounds of beans, so I'm hoping that lasts 3 days because of that lasagna.  Made it in the crockpot, too.  Can't beat cheap and crockpot and doesn't make me sick when I eat it.
  • I had planned on pizza after the chili was all eaten up.  

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  1. I love this post – totally kewl!!! Well done! I’m coming back to this one …


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