Sunday, May 23, 2010

Communication, Parenting, being a Gentle Christian Mother

I sought out gentle parenting out of necessity.  I was raised in a non-gentle home.  When my mom remarried, I saw how a man could be gentle with his daughters.  He did well with me and I was a very rotten, very lost little 14 year old young lady.

I'm now the mother of four.  And, I still find myself reverting back to learned behaviors.  Things I don't want to do. Things I cannot do to my children.  Often I haven't taken care of things like proper meals and sleep.  And, yet I know there is more.  I know, for me, it's a spiritual battle.  The enemy does not want my family to be gentle and kind Christians.  He wants us to fall apart. He wants me to be angry and fearful.

So, I spend some time during my days to reflect.  Remember what my goals are in parenting.  Do you have goals in your parenting?  If you homeschool, do you have goals for your children?  Not the academic ones but the spiritual ones or the leadership ones.  The ones like I will my hug my children daily.

I'm currently reading this article.  It's a Waldorf article titled "Compassionate Communication."

This book is a great book if you are a Christian family.  One that feels like they aren't on track. One that struggles with their children's behavior.  Do you feel like you are all at odds with each other?  Do you keep asking for parenting help and everyone just gives you surface answers?  Do you want to dig down deep?  

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