Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July Covets

I've been limiting my online time.  I make little notes on post-its and I tag the computer with them.  When I can't take it anymore, I turn on the computer (for years I've just left it on) and play for awhile.  Usually it's during a nap.  And, I try to make sure I'm caught up on laundry and the kitchen is clean.

So, here is what I'm coveting this week.

Things I would make if only I were crafty....

....A mug cozy.
......A pile of rainbow washcloths.

If I had a bunch of extra money and was wondering what I could possible spend it on...

...........little underwear for the waldorf doll.

Next time we are at the beach we are going to make little gardens and find some rocks for painting.

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