Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Stress or not To Stress

I have been limiting what things I take in lately. There are things mounting that I have no control over. Things I cannot make happen. I have been ignoring those blogs where women share perfect pictures of crafty things I can never make or old houses with perrfectly beautiful imperfections.

I really have to focus on some good stuff and NOW. I cannot have a baby within this negative cloud.

I crawled up into my husbands lap this afternoon. I kissed his great big bushy Amishy beard. I said...I thought when we were dating our life would be just like all those road trips where we jumped in the little Justy or Brat (yes we both had Subarus) and we would go where we wanted, when we wanted. No one told me how stressfull it could get. No one told me I cou loose thst Peace.

Funny...he says...I was just thinking the same thing...We would just wish to drive off to Oregon and off we went.

I have posted a few links from here lately. Her post popped into my mailbox shortly after I climbed in bed this afternoon. My husvsnd took the boys to their PE class. I paid the rest of the Auto Insurance...thank you automated I don't have to speak to anyone phone line...and hoped on before taking a much desired nap.

I hope these post help you with your anxiety. Push aside a few things. Slow down a bit even if it is just today. Give someone a kiss. Realize road trips aren't so easy with five kids, but they can be planned and they can still happen.

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