Saturday, October 12, 2013

Habit and Nature

I am inspired by this post

I really struggle with my nature and habits (both good and bad).  I feel like homeschooling and being a homemaker brings my nature and habits to the forefront where maybe if I had a career they would be less noticeable. Because people always ask what do you do?  (At least they used to where I lived previously.  I think people here figure you BREATHE and LIVE and they don't seem to give a damn about vocations).  I could hide behind a career.  But, sometimes I feel like it would be really easy for someone to see me as that crazy homeschool mom who never washes her hair (dreads) and those kids who can't wake up at a normal hour (we don't really have bedtimes).  

But, I honestly never directly connected my nature and habits before.  I figured my nature was something to battle to fit into the right mold (of which I cannot figure out why or whom the mold is...I just battle with the darn thing and it is getting to weigh me down).  

I don't know if I should change some of my habits or if they are apart of my nature.  I don't even know if they are good for my kids.  I just know that they aggravate me some days.  When they aggravate me, I attack them and try to change them all at once.  I try creating a plan and applying rules.  And, I always do it to someone.  But, I don't really apply it to me.  I insist the kids get up and do ALL THE THINGS.  But, then I get distracted and run out to the grocery store or I don't set them up for success with a good breakfast because...well.....I was up...erm...all night...doing...hmmmm stuff.

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